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LET soomsoom cater your next event!

Our catering options are the perfect addition to your next event! We aim to bring refined authentic Middle Eastern cuisine to the Triangle. Our focus is on fresh, healthy, and delicious food carrying the flavors of Israel through local NC ingredients.

Below is a sample of our catering menu. We can provide lunch boxes, buffet style, elegant dinner parties, or bring the food truck to your party! Each event gets a specifically tailored menu to fit their needs.

For catering inquiries, simply fill out the form below to tell us about your event, the amount of guests, and any other details or questions you may have. We will respond to you as soon as we can!


LAMB KEBAB :: traditionally spiced, chargrilled ground lamb 
CHICKEN SHAWARMA :: chicken marinated in 12 spices & herbs, grilled and served with roasted sumac onions. 
BEEF RAGU :: slow cooked short ribs with carrots, garlic, tomatoes, and herbs  
NC WHITE FISH :: fresh, local white fish simmered cooked tomatoes, onions, garlic, and herbs
SLOW COOKED LAMB SHOULDER :: spiced rubbed braised lamb with root vegetables and braising jus
EGGS SHAKSUKA vegetarian, GF :: Israeli-style eggs in tomato sauce, garlic, and herbs
MOUSSAKA vegetarian, GF :: layers of eggplant, tomato sauce, feta cheese, and mozzarella

FREEKEH MEJADRA vegetarian, vegan :: smoked green wheat with black beluga lentils, carrots, onions, and herbs
ROASTED CAULIFLOWER & POTATOES vegetarian, vegan, GF :: with Labneh or tahini
vegetarian, vegan :: paired with mushrooms, onions, garlic, and herbs
SPINACH vegetarian, vegan, GF :: sautéed with caramelized onions and garlic
LIMA BEANS vegetarian, vegan, GF – simmered with leeks and carrots
BEET SALAD vegetarian, vegan, GF - oven-roasted, tossed with roasted onions and herbaceous vinaigrette
GREEN SALAD vegetarian, vegan, GF - baby kale, baby spinach and arugula with citrus vinaigrette
vegetarian, vegan, GF – fresh cabbage dressed with lemon juice, olive oil, dill, and parsley
HUMMUS vegetarian, vegan, GF :: served with pita
TZATZIKI vegetarian, GF :: yogurt with garlic, cucumber, parsley, and pita
BABA GHANOUSH PLATE vegetarian, vegan, GF - roasted eggplant with tahini and pita
VEGETABLE PLATE vegetarian, vegan, GF :: various fresh vegetables served with Labneh or tahini
CHEESE PLATE vegetarian, GF :: feta and Labneh cheese with Za’atar, and pita
ISRAELI SALAD vegetarian, vegan, GF :: tomato, cucumber, red onion tossed with parsley, olive oil, and lemon
PICKLE TRAY vegetarian, vegan, GF :: various assortment of pickled goods
EXTRA PITAS vegetarian, vegan :: (Gluten free pitas available)